Accomodations:  Yunnan

Our main goal in choosing hotels is safety, cleanliness, proximity and comfort. We thought you'd like to see where you'll be staying during your journey. These hotel goals are extremely important to us. We try our best to provide hotels/guesthouses to make you as comfortable as possible during your journey and seek out 4 & 5-star ratings. That said, there are times these hotels are not possible and will usually be only 1 night. Nonetheless, these will be at least a 3-star rating. 

The chosen hotels are mostly located in close proximity to where our daily visits will be - most are situated so that you can walk to cafes, restaurants and local scene.

Dali: Linden Centre

Wumu Village: Huahuasei Hotel

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Lijiang: Blossom Hill Inn

** We could also find ourselves in a large yet quaint Airbnb to better serve photo shares and group discussions.

Shangri-la: Songstam Hotel

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