That's me, BTW

Happened upon a state certified Calligrapher (a big deal) who was happy to show me his camera.

Darrell Lew, Tour Leader

As an award winning self-taught photographer who has experimented with countless hours in the field while traipsing through both city and rural-scapes throughout Asia for the past 9 years. I like to think that I see and snap the typical while creating contemplative art around the local scene in attempts to capturing unique perspectives of people, place, things, culture and landscape. 


I see myself as a generalist with a passion for many types of photography genres from (but not limited to) environmental portraiture, lifestyle, still life, landscapes, night photography, sports action, street, impressionism and photojournalist documentary to name a few. These varied interests allow me to use my wide skillset and apply them "in the moment" to create memorable images. I have shot for local lifestyle magazines, print ad commercials, documentary photojournalism, marketing collateral and more both here in the states and throughout China.  


Having taught photography classes at a local community center, lead several photography meetup/walkabouts and local photo retreats, my goal is to help you bring home the shot while allowing you to explore and learn along our journey together. My photography experiences have prompted a passion to teach my craft & share a part of the world many see as a mystery that has further pushed me to teach the world to see.

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