Why we do what we do!

People often ask why we do what we do and what compels us to take folks, like you, to places unknown. It's difficult to answer succinctly, but what first comes to mind is humanity. What? What does this have to do with traveling or photography? Why does one travel and leave the comforts of home? Is it something new or just a simple curiosity of something new? Some find their escape relaxing on a beach somewhere while others may simply find the inside of a casino in some desert a worthy getaway from the daily grind.


Our itineraries are carefully designed to open our guests' minds, hearts and self to a more authentic and rewarding experience. Be it putting yourself in lush landscapes or in ancient villages interacting with locals, it's all about human connections. Our hope is to spark the human spirit through direct contact with local communities learning how to overcome many of our own cooked up bias' that have jaded humanity in the modern world.

As you prepare and begin you journey with us, take a moment to see why we do what we do! (click on the travel stamp below)

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