Photo Highlights


Hone your techniques to capture awe-inspiring images worthy to grace the pages of NatGeo!


Environmental Portraiture

Learn how to capture portraits using (mostly) natural lighting and the techniques to make your images pour with emotions while learning a bit about the culture. 


Street Photography

Get over the fear of photographing people on the streets to make images tell stories; become confident in your approach.


What to Expect - Photographically

Our love for many photographic genres allow us to offer a wide range of styles. We specialize in landscape, documentary and street photography. 

  • Landscape: It begins with right time, right place. This calls for extended shooting on days where we're in landscape-worthy areas (open fields and mountain backdrops) where we'll make use of shutter drags, lens filters and tripods to capture particular moods in the scene before us.

  • Documentary: We become light seekers of natural light while photographing local villagers, some in their traditional ethnic wear. And, where applicable, we augment our lighting with the help of either artificial lighting or reflectors. We'll also discuss how to obtain the evocative Chiaroscuro style and most importantly, how to simply be "in the moment". It's a rewarding experience.

  • Street: In many parts of the world, making images in the street can be quite risky because of social norms. Asia, for one, is very different and is quite the opposite from the west. We subscribe to the notion that less is more (in equipment) when shooting this genre and will coach you on what to look for, how to carry yourself (when camera is in hand). 

If you enjoy landscape, street and environmental portraiture photography, this photo tour covers it all. Where appropriate, we'll wake for early sunrises, run for cover in doors during harsh lighting (light seeking for portraits), then back out for sunset locations and perhaps even a little astrophotography in the wee hours of the night. With the different genres we'll be shooting, your camera batteries will be put to the test! 

Interested in joining us?

Just drop us a quick line and we'll keep you updated for important dates to plan for.

We will also carve out some time to process and critique images as a group. This is an important step in the learning process and is done in a comfortable and constructive setting built around respect and trust ... check your egos at the door!


  • Shanghai:  Feel the vibrant city lights in the evening on The Bund, the future is now!

  • Xizhou Ancient Town: Once a trading post of the Tea Horse Road, sink into relaxing quietness!

  • Dali Old Town: Leisurely shop, stroll and sample local fair in this sleepy yet vibrant town

  • Zhoucheng Village: Try your hand at the ancient art of tie-dye Bai style, immersive wonders!

  • Lijiang Old Town: sitting at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains, beauty awaits you!

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge: feel the power and folklore at one of the worlds deepest gorges!

  • Ancient villages along the way, slow paced and full of photo opportunities at every turn!

  • Shangri-la: mystic, fabled hideaway just south of the Tibetan border, you have arrived!

We could find ourselves transporting by bus/van, bicycle, bullet train, horse cart, bi-ped and/or plane at a leisurely yet purposeful pace that will have plenty of time to take in the scenery, local culture, experiential & entertainment programs, sample local fare and surely, countless photographic opportunities along the way! As we make our way northward, you'll be introduced to the Hani, Yi, Mongol, Zhuang, Naxi, Bai and Tibetan cultures that are quickly beginning to disappear as China steam rolls into its adoption of western lifestyles. Experience and capture these ancient cultures before they truly fade into the memories of centuries past.

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