Your In-Flight Service #3

Sleeping on the plane is an important part of flying - especially on long-haul flights where you're going through a time change of more than 5 hours from your home time zone. Sleeping helps aid in a faster recovery and invigorates you to shake the cobwebs off, mentally and physically, from sitting all those hours. Here's a nice sleep aid ...

Your Comfort.

If you are economy where you cannot enjoy the luxuries of First or Business Class cabins on your long haul sojourns, here are a couple key tidbits to help make your in-flight experience a little more enjoyable and comfortable. Sleep and eats.

Clothing. Dress comfortably. Loose fitting clothing with comfortable materials are highly recommended. The last thing you want are pants that ride up on your while you're sitting for

a long time. Bring a lightweight jacket - airplane cabins are notoriously stuffy or freezing cold at any given time during your flight. Shoes - ones that you slip on and off easily. We recommend removing shoes during flight, not forgetting to put on an extra pair of socks or better yet a portable pair of slippers (like the kind you find in hotels). Don't forget a neck pillow so you won't develop a neck ache when you awaken from a snooze. Or worse yet, you lean over your seat boundaries onto your neighbors shoulder! This is a personal preference for sure so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to choose one that works best for you. To give you a head start, here's a few to consider ... Neck Pillows. We are partial to the Trtl one as it's packable and it's actually works!

Happy napping.

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