Your In-Flight Service #1

Flying these days can be stressful. From getting to the airport, checking baggage, getting through security and navigating through the airport to your gate. Here are a few suggestions to make your long-haul flight a little more bearable.


Choosing your seat could be a make it or break it type of thing in air travel. From window or aisle seat to location on the plane itself can make a difference in your overall comfort. Some prefer window while others the aisle with the dreaded middle seat being the last choice.

Here is a website that will help in choosing a seat based on the type, make and model of the aircraft itself - it's called Seat Guru. It'll clue you into whether the seat is near the galley or bathroom as well as guiding you on leg space and storage for your in-flight things that you intend on using during your flight. Of course, you could just go straight for Business Class!


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