Traveling = Happiness

It is said over the years "that you can't take it with you". If I remember right, "they" were

talking about money and/or material things. It think this is partially true. Material things feel good for a little while and things like cars, clothing and other gadgets bring a certain finite amount of joy for a relatively short timeframe before having to feel the need to go out and acquire more stuff. Most of us are wired this way - it's a basic human trait.

Money. For those who are striving for more is one thing and acquiring enough to meet basic needs as shelter, appropriate clothing and food the belly is another, but when these basic needs are met and you have a little wiggle room, what do you prefer to spend you hard-earned dollar on? More stuff? You certainly could, yes. But, what if you make it a point to get out of your comfort zone and surroundings and see the world? No let the preconceived notion that it's too expensive (to travel) or use language barrier as excuses for not venturing out into the world. Be comfortable, being uncomfortable and you'll quickly see that you can do it.

When you do venture out into foreign lands, you'll quickly be proud of yourself of how easy it and rewarding it is to make basic human connections with complete strangers. As you engage with the local community, you become willing to get on to the next experience one after the other. Our immersive cultural tours aim to do just that; to help you explore the unknown in a supportive and humble way. Check your egos at the gate! We also aim to coach you on making the most of your tour by learning the art of seeing and documenting your experiences. Experiences that will most likely stay with you in your heart and mind each and every time you view anyone of your images that you've captured. A simple image can spark a feeling, a memory that puts you right back to where you were and what you were doing at that particular moment in time.

Whether you're alone with us or with a travel companion, you have plenty of time for learning, exploring and reflection. I found a similar article and thought to share it with you - check it out when you have some time. Travel Happiness.

See you on the other side ... but for now, come see our next tour: Shangri-la!


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