Smart Flying

With the many online booking sites for air flight, it's sometimes difficult to keep an eye on

airline deals and sales for your next adventure, right? Even if you're remotely thinking about going somewhere, an inexpensive flight just may tip the balance and 'force' you to go somewhere! If you had time to use (vacay time) and you saw a roundtrip flight to say, Japan was only $375US, would you feel tempted to book and go on a whim? Even if you're planning a trip 6 or 12 most out, let technology work for you. The one site/app that we've found useful is called 'Hopper'. It's a mobile app, so you'll need to download it to your

phone. Once downloaded, you can easily setup as many routes as you'd like and set pop-up notifications whenever there's an update - primarily in regards to price. The notification will tell you either to wait or buy soon as it can forecast future demand pricing. Over the years using it, we've found it pretty accurate in their projected pricing and never been wrong yet!

To the right is a sample notification. LAX to Shanghai at $360 RT and it's telling me to wait for better pricing? Wow!

I encourage you to setup a few routes and see what you come up with. See you in flight!


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