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I've been for many years now trying to find that elusive camera bag that can be used for both walkabout and travel (for camera gear and beyond) ... So frustrated that I was on the verge of designing my own camera bag ... that is until I saw the latest on one of my favored camera gear companies born right here in San Francisco; they're called Peak Design. They originally started with the perfect camera strap system that allows you to detach unneeded straps or quickly interchange from a neck strap to wrist strap in seconds! All without have intrusive dangling straps getting in the way. When on tripod, not having straps flopping in the wind is a landscape photographers dream!

When I travel (with camera kit) and shooting with purposeful pursuits to capture landscapes and portraits of the local people, I need a fair amount of kit - even though I try to travel on the lighter end of kit with only the bare necessities. Even still, I need room for my inflight pouch (earphones, earplugs, eye-mask, charging cords, phone battery and misc. health items, etc.), a neck pillow for long-hauls and, of course, a light jacket. I currently have Timbuk2 backpack that has a medium-sized (square) padded compartment for camera kit and a fairly large flip-top top portion to hold things mentioned above. Usually, this is adequate, but I cannot fit enough clothing in it if I'm traveling light without luggage.

This is what I'm talking about (to the left).

Good for quickie walkabouts, sturdy yet not exactly what I've been looking for although it's my 'goto' bag for light-carry right now.

Fast forward 4+ years and Peak Design has made a push into a hybrid camera and travel bag all in one. Dubbed "The Travel Line" (it may change once officially launched) and is currently in Kickstarter funding mode until Sept. 20, 2018, it looks like a promising essential carry for me. Upon watching their coming out vid and seeing what features it has, I can't wait to pack it for it's maiden voyage! Even though this bag is under Kickstarter, they've launched several of their product through this funding vehicle to much success, so I have little to no doubt this will definitely fund and the product shipped in December as indicated. From what I can tell, this bag will be quite versatile with several ways to customize your packing (both camera kit and clothing) and is said to pack down to 30L for all-around carry to 45L fully expanded. Can't wait to see it ... #PeakDesign

Medium sized camera pouch insert with plenty of room for accessory items or clothing. while out on a shoot.

Edit ... update. In traveling and beating up my travel camera backpack for the last 9 years, it was finally time to retire it. I did finally receive the Peak Design travel backpack pictured above, but upon loading it similarly (above), I found it a bit too heavy for what I wanted to carry - don't get me wrong, it's a beautifully engineered bag, just to much for me and my needs.

In my quest for the "perfect" travel camera backpack, I am now using one from a company called Wandrd (pronounced 'wandered'), specifically their PRVKE (pronounced 'provoke'). I'm not sure why they leave out letters in these names, but this bag rcks! Since I've gone more minimalist in my carry (not to mention mirrorless kit), I went with the 21L with camera cube. Lightweight, nimble yet able to carry all my essentials for photography travel, I'm really happy with it so far!

Roll-top for expansion.

Mine is more like the upper right configuration.


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