In our experience while traveling around China, we've found some pretty unique places along the way. Sometimes real gems are stumbled upon while in other places, the most basic accommodations are unavoidable and on occasion, where warranted, a homestay with a local family. Below is a sample of the accommodations that have been arranged for this tour.


We highly encourage all sojourners (you) to buddy-up with someone or if you must, for an extra fee, a single supplemental charge can be added upon request if you want your own room. Although we try to accommodate these requests, we cannot guarantee this for every location based on availability.


We aim to provide accommodations close to where we'll be spending our time, walking distance to hotspots to explore on your own or just a place too good not to stay at!

Yangshuo village

Ping An Terraces

Sanjiang Village

Zhaoxing Village


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