Chasing Ancient Reflections

Daily Schedule


Day 1, April 17:

  • Everyone arrive Xiamen

  • Take the high speed train from Xiamen to Xiapu (2 hours).

  • Check-in Dijing International Hotel

  • Group Introduction/Dinner

  • Stay overnight in Xiapu.


Day 2, April 18:

  • Heading to the salt fields to shoot local fishermen in the early morning. Shoot the amazing landscapes and seaweed farming on rafts.

  • Shoot the rounded crab nets on the mudflat, the nets are colorful with unique textures.

  • Photograph the mudflat over sunset and local farmers' working scene in backlighting. Xiaohao is one of the most popular photo sites. We'll position ourselves for the golden mudflat at sunset.


Day 3, April 19:

  • Shoot the sunrise on the sea. This is an ideal place to shoot fishermen coming home loaded with fish and shrimp catch. 

  • Head for a vista point to photograph the famed S-curved channels which are formed by bamboo poles and crab nets. Boats trolling about during the seaweed harvest season make for surreal captures. We'll also shoot the seaweed farmers drying and harvesting their crops.

  • In the late afternoon, shoot the hanging nets along the beach. 

  • Group photo share.


Day 4, April 20:

  • Shoot the sunrise in Steamed Bun Hill, there is a small coastal rock formation hill in the middle of beach, looks like a steamed bun in a distance.

  • Afterwards, photograph the locals' working scene of collecting, hanging and drying seaweed in the Egret Village.

  • Shoot the sunset over the mudflats and water channels that are often take on the likeness of scarves under the sunset glow.


Day 5, April 21:

  • Shooting the sunrise and locals' working scene at the beach of Beiqi. Local people gave this place a interesting name, tiger-striped beach, as the texture of the beach looks like the tiger's skin. Bamboo structures and poles, buoys and fishing vessels provide human counterpoints to the natural beauty of this area

  • Lastly, we'll head to Yangjiaxi, famous for the giant banyan tree forest, shoot the buffalo farmer under a big banyan tree.

  • Group photo share.


Day 6, April 22:

  • Train to Xiamen

  • Fly to Guilin

  • Free time to explore Yangshuo

  • Attend "Impression of Yangshuo" water show - Epic!

  • Stay in Yangshuo.


Day 7, April 23:

  • Heading to countryside to shoot buffalo farmers on an ancient stone bridge in the village with spectacular mountains in a distance. Walk around in the village, experience the local life, see how they farming ducks and water buffalos.

  • In the afternoon, drive to Daxu ancient town, take a visit of local families, shoot people portraits in their old wooden house.

  • Lastly, head to Xingping ancient town, meet the cormorant fishermen at the Li River; the fishermen will show how cormorant fishing was once done, casting their nets over sunset, and gas lamp portraits in the blue hour.

  • Stay overnight in Yangshuo.


Day 8, April 24:

  • Starting in the early morning (at 4am) from the hotel, head to a high vantage point for the sunrise at the Li River bend. It is one of the most ideal sunrise location in Guilin and Yangshuo area. 

  • In the afternoon, take a cycle along the Yulong River back to town. Explore the scenery along the river, capture mountain reflections on the way and people working scenes in fields.

  • Heading to another mountain in the late afternoon, shoot the sunset over karst mountains peaks and village rivers from a high vantage point - an awe-inspiring spot.

  • Group photo share.


Day 9, April 25:

  • Another early (4am) morning from your hotel, heading to a secret place on the Li River, shoot breathtaking mountain reflections with the cormorant fishermen on the Li River; some say it is the most beautiful place for fishermen shooting with Li River mountains as a backdrop.

  • Back to the hotel and take a short break.

  • Heading to Longji rice terraces in the afternoon - Ping An village first.

  • Shoot the sunset in Ping An village and stay overnight there.


Day 10, April 26:

  • Shoot the sunrise at 5:30am. The sunrise location will be very close to the hotel. Portrait session with Yao minority women walking on rice paddies at sunrise. 

  • Trek along the rice terraces to Dazhai village. Will pass by many authentic minority villages, less-visited by your typical tourist. Shoot the ethnic minority people working the fields along the way and rice terraces in full view.

  • Arrive at Dazhai hotel around 4pm.

  • Walk to a view point, shoot the rice terraces view and minority villages. 

  • Group photo share.


Day 11, April 27:

  • Shoot the sunrise over rice terraces in the early morning. As we will stay on the top the mountains, the hotel will be very close the sunrise locations.

  • Shoot rice terraces and minority village in different locations with different angles and compositions, as light changes fast in the peaceful morning.

  • Making our way down through the rice terraces, make a visit of a minority family for a portrait session in their old wooden house.

  • Arrive Sanjiang Chengyang in the late afternoon.

  • Group photo share.

  • Stay overnight in Sanjiang.


Day 12, April 28:

  • Spend most of the day in Sanjiang, exploring the Dong people's life and culture. Photograph the people and Chengyang Rain and Wind Bridge.

  • Drive to Zhaoxing in the afternoon, shoot the night life of Zhaoxing.

  • Stay overnight in Zhaoxing


Day 13, April 29:

  • Explore the Dong village and minority architectures in the morning as the villages awakens. Shoot the overview of Dong village and the Dong minority people. 

  • Drive back to Guilin, check into hotel.

  • Final group photo share and workshop wrap-up.

Day 13, April 30:

  • Bon Voyage!

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