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Why I do
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Here's mine - just a quick one, I promise.


Upon recently returning to my roots in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was born and raised, I have had the good fortune of living in Shanghai, China for 5 life-changing years. While living in my ancestors land where I was considered an outsider, a foreigner of sorts, I began to cherish my heritage that didn't matter much to me while growing up in the States. I was and continued to be humbled with each junket I ventured off into - be it for personal, professional or through philanthropic excursions around China or throughout Asia (Japan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, S. Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore or Myanmar). 

As an accidental tourist, if affords me with several unplanned serendipitous encounters with the local culture. Trusting the good in people with a watchful eye for the dubious in attempts to making the world smaller, a bit less contentious with small gestures of human connection and kindness. It starts with a simple smile, a brief non-verbal exchange or one word attempt in the local tongue; building a temporary yet lasting human connection of sharing, learning and perhaps leaving behind a small treasure of history called a photograph.


Why China?

As I began to explore the other side of the world as a resident, not a day passed that I wasn't pleasantly surprised and humbled by the generosity of people who I thought to have much less than I had. I quickly realized it was the other way around! I was blown away by the welcoming hospitality at just about every turn. I frequently found myself being invited into homes and huts with always the curious nature to know where I was from not to mention open invitations to share a smoke (I don't smoke, but partake to a certain degree out of respect for local customs), a snack and most certainly a cup of newly roasted tea.

I thought to myself ... why keep this a secret? So, I began to share my experiences with the world by leading intrepid adventurers into a world of kindness and wonderment. I hope you choose to join me in this continued journey that's sure to touch and renew the human spirit within all of us.